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I know some of you kinda hate her “for trying too hard to be a rockstar” or because “she’s a slut on stage” which is very stupid. She’s an amazing human being, and musician, she’s a feminist, she defends the rights men & women, she’s an awesome songwriter, probably one of the greatest new artists out there. Keep rocking, Taylor. I’ve followed your music since you started and I’ll follow you until the end. 💖 #taylormomsen #theprettyreckless #tpr

You always have a choice. A choice to think about the bad or the good, a choice to walk towards brighter light or lie in the dark. The #suicide sign project has never been about telling people what to do. I started this project to encourage people to think differently, to think happier; to remind them that if given time, things do change.” (x)

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